What am I working on at the moment

colorkay, 05 May 2022
Kayleigh Katsman

What am I working on at the moment


What am I working on at the moment? I want to do more than make beautiful drawings (illustrations! I quietly correct everyone in my head when they mention the word drawing).

Nothing wrong with a nice illustration, but I want more. Storytelling is my passion. And illustrating is my way of telling stories. My head is always full. Full of ideas, full of stories and much more.

Not a day goes by that I don’t illustrate. During the day, the studio and currently the pop-up store is where I am busy working. Headphones on my head and completely in my own little world.  But I have now also regularly pushed the headphones back a bit, because it is very nice to hear the reactions of the customers

sticker collectie - sticker collection


Hearing comments is not only fun, but it is also important because it gives me feedback about my work and about my products. The contact is much more direct than online and because of this I can better match my collection to what people are looking for and like to buy.

At the moment, the store is the reason why I have decided to further expand the current collection with more illustrations. Here I notice how much people like that there is a lot to choose from. And that is how it should be in the webshop. A buying experience that you want to keep repeating. And the latter not only means that the products must be attractive, but also that regular renewal is important.


The first categories that I am going to expand are the postcards and the stickers. Two weeks ago I wrote about postcards in my blog. So now I want to tell you a bit more about my stickers.

In the shop, the stickers are displayed on a large table that I placed against the wall halfway through the room, In such a way that you can largely walk around it and pick up and view the stickers at your leisure.

They are partly in their own trays and partly they are scattered in baskets. There are also stickers and sticker sheets. Plenty of choice and it’s clear that customers like that, regardless of age.

Click on the links below for a few examples of the stickers.

muursticker giraffe (150 cm hoog)
muursticker plantje (80 cm hoog)
sticker Zeeuws meisje
sticker moeder gorilla met jong
stickersetje beren


To draw even more attention to the stickers, I came up with a nice giveaway, which is also mentioned in my newsletter. I will announce the giveaway in Social Media on Monday 9 May. So don’t miss it!


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