So exciting!

Kayleigh Katsman, 11 November 2021

I’ve you see this blogpost, that means that I did it! We’re live!

I’m finally here! Today, Friday 19 November will be the day that we’ll go live with the new webshop! I’ve been working on this website for a few months now together with my team and with Addmark. The colors of the website and of the new logo are my favorite colors so the website is matching my personality. Also thank you to Addmark for designing the ColorKay logo! 

In the shop you will only find products with my illustrations on it. Some of the products are printed by my team, some of the products are chosen by me and produced by our suppliers. 

This blogpost is hopefully a beginning of many more to come. You will see posts about new products, product design, insights in how I illustrate, what materials I use, insights in my thoughts about art and the art community and more! 

I’m looking forward to connecting with you all! This blog allows me to connect with you. Thank you for visiting my website and this blog and hopefully until next time! In the mean time, make sure to check me on Youtube and Instagram! 


Love X,