Postcards then and now

colorkay, 04 April 2022
ansichtkaarten overzicht

Postcards then and now. A while ago everyone thought they would disappear. Because we have the internet with all the possibilities to send each other messages and digital cards via computer and telephone.

That is why I received a lot comments that it would not be wise to make and sell postcards with my illustrations as I had planned.

But nothing could be further from the truth. There is a lot of demand for it and the cards are sold well. Both through my webshop and in the pop-up store that I now have in Middelburg.

History of the postcard

Believe it or not, the first postcards were sent out as far back as the 17th century. But this was only reserved for the wealthy as the cards had to be delivered in person.

At the end of the 19th century it became a lot more affordable as the machine-printing of the cards was invented and the postal service came into being.

The postage stamp was also developed and the postcard quickly became popular. In the meantime, of course, a lot has changed. Digital developments have made much more possible, which has made sending cards all the more fun.

Dutch name ‘ansichtkaart’

Our Dutch name ‘ansichtkaart’ comes from the former word ‘aanzichtkaart’, which is a derivative of the German ‘Ansichts(post)karte’. In Germany the postcard was used earlier than in the Netherlands.

The front of the postcard is used for the image, hence the former Dutch name ‘aanzichtkaart’ which literally means ‘view card’. Originally it was not allowed to write on the back of the card and only the name and address could be mentioned here. Only later the back was divided in two, which also created space for a personal message.

There is a lot more to tell about the postcard, but then this blog would be too long.

ansichtkaart wasbeer

Why buy a postcard?

Why are postcards actually bought? There are many different reasons for this and that also has tot do with the fact that you can do a lot with a postcard.

Of course the cards are bought to sent to loved ones. Everyone is happy to receive a card with a handwritten, personal message.

Furthermore, there are many people who collect cards. Cards are also exchanged among themselves. Nowadays there is the phenomenon of postcrossing, a worldwide craze, which started as a hobby: sending cards to and receiving from strangers.

I personally like to put cards in all kinds of frames an then hang and/or put them down as a collage. This allows you to give your room(s) a very individual look. As an example in the shop I also made a small collage.

Ansichtkaart in lijst collage

What strikes me in the pop-up store is that (young) children enthusiastically walk to the card racks and ask their parents to buy postcards. So adorable!

Both in the store and in the webshop I have nice items that you can combine with the cards. For example, if you have bought a present from me, you can add a nice card with a congratulation or other personal message.

When you buy a gift and card in the webshop, you can enter a text at the special message area, asking if I want to write it on the card.

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