Pop-up store, what an adventure!

Kayleigh Katsman, 05 May 2022

What preceded opening my pop-up store

Pop-up store, what an adventure! One I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. How did that idea actually come about?

For about two years now, my mother and I had gotten into the habit of going to Pluk De Dag – En Dan Is Er Koffie in Middelburg every Friday afternoon. The first times it was to drink coffee (with something tasty, you can’t help it, so delicious!), but soon we felt so at home there that we took our drawing materials with us and sat there all afternoon illustrating.

We enjoyed doing that, because the atmosphere there was so warm and cozy that we could completely relax and, above all, get inspiration. The owners Jan and Frans liked my illustrations so much that they asked if it was possible to make a Zeeland collection. They were certainly interested in offering it for sale in the shop and brasserie. That was the start of not only a nice collaboration, but also a warm friendship

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

At the beginning of this year we were catching up over a nice drink and then it was discussed that I want to renew my collection, but that I still had quite a large stock in the warehouse, which I would like to sell faster.

Part of the building, where Pluk de Dag with its decorations and flowers was located, was vacant and for sale, because this part of the shop has been moved and integrated into the part that also houses the Brasserie En Dan Is Er Koffie. Frans suggested that I use the property for a pop-up store in the period until the key is handed over to the new owner. And so the idea for the pop-up store was born.

What exactly is a pop-up store

That is a question that was still asked quite regularly by visitors to the store.

The literal translation of the English term Pop-Up is ‘to appear’. It points to the temporary nature of a shop, restaurant, studio, and so on. A shop is the most common form that is chosen.

The first pop-up store probably opened in 1999 in Los Angeles. At that time, it mainly concerned the sale of small objects from unsold stocks for a limited period. Today, the reasons for opening a pop-up store are more diverse. Varying from temporary sales in a new neighborhood to more ‘conceptual’ stores with the aim of making a brand known.

What did the pop-up store mean to me

When Jan and Frans gave me the opportunity to temporarily use their premises, it gave me the perfect opportunity to meet many of you in person. It was amazing how many customers took the chance to come to the store to get acquainted and look through all the products with my artwork. Heartwarming how positive the reactions were.

And there were also many new contacts, people who did not yet know my products and who, in addition to buying them, also took tickets from the website to give away or to use again later. That is also one of the great advantages of a concept like this.

Very important was the feedback I got from everyone. The direct contact with you ensures that I have an even clearer picture of what you like and dislike, which products are most loved and which products you would like to see in the collection.

Click on the links below for a few examples of the best sold products in the shop.

tote bag
wall circle

Thank you!

In this blog I would like to take the opportunity to thank Jan and Frans for this fantastic opportunity and the way in which they have been there for me with advice and assistance and delicious products from the Brasserie.

I recommend everyone to go to Pluk De Dag – En Dan Is Er Koffie (Korte Geere 20 in Middelburg) and enjoy their warm welcome, beautiful decorative gifts, plants and delicious drinks and dishes!!

In addition, I would like to thank everyone who visited the pop-up store, you have made it a very valuable and lovely experience. It definitely contributes to the developments of the webshop that you will see in the coming months.

End of the adventure

The pop-up store is now closed. The property has been sold and will soon be handed over to the new owner. Jan and Frans, congratulations! And I wish the new owner every success. I won’t tell you what she’s going to do, but trust me, it’s going to be a lot of fun! So be sure to check it out in a while. And keep visiting my webshop. The collection continues to be supplemented and changed. The webshop will also be refreshed and renewed in the coming months.


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