Nursery room with theme

Kayleigh Katsman, 04 April 2022
muursticker giraf - wall sticker giraffe

A nursery room with theme has a lot to offer. It makes the room for your child unique, personal, warm and safe.

When I look ahead and think about how I would like to furnish the nursery(s) of my children, I think it is very important that everything is coordinated. The color palette, the pictures on the wall, the furniture, the bedding, so the overall picture must match.

Why a theme

I would also definitely keep a theme for my nursery. Like now, for example, animals and plants are hip and popular. And that suits me too.

In recent years I have been able to make designs for various friends for their baby rooms. For example, I designed a photo wallpaper that was applied in its entirety, so not in strips.

fotobehang ontwerp ColorKay -Photo wallpaper ColorKay

And that wallpaper tells a story as you can see in the photo. The great thing about it is that when te girl got a little bigger, there was a ritual before going tot sleep. Before going to bed, she really had to touch all the animals. How cute is that!

Muurschildering ColorKay - mural ColorKay

Another couple of friends asked me to make the mural that you see above and there too the contact between child and animal became important. And that’s what I would want for my children as well.

Therefore I have designed the wall stickers that I offer in the shop in different sizes, but I didn’t make them very small on purpose. To make them touchable, to make them part of your child’s secure own world, from an early age.

Giving space to fantasy

A nursery room should be a space where your child, no matter how young, feels safe and comfortable. Where it likes to be, can sleep well, can play relaxed and, above all, give space to his or her imagination. And that is what I want to achieve with my illustrations and products.

So click on the links below to see some examples of the wall stickers and wall circles I’ve made for your nursery.

Giraffe wall sticker 150 cm
Lion wall sticker 150 cm
Chinese money plant wall sticker 80 cm

Kingfisher wall circle
Seagull wall circle



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