New ideas!

Kayleigh Katsman, 02 February 2022

New year, new ideas!

I’m so glad with what we have accomplished so far. It’s so great to read all your reactions!

I have had the feeling that something is missing for a while. I started thinking about it and I had a vision! I want to do more with stories. I really enjoy making illustrations, but I still miss something behind it.

In 2017 I went to art school with the idea of studying illustration so that I could start illustrating children’s books. I soon found out that this wasn’t enough and that’s why I went to the animation department, because these are actually children’s books but moving! So it was a step in the right direction for me. In addition, during my studies I gave private lessons to young children, to teach them how to draw fun creative things from their own imagination. The enthusiasm of these children was very nice to see and they became more confident in creating all kinds of things from their own minds.

I’ve decided to start to work on this! More illustrations with stories. I will create characters with stories that make people happy and in which they can recognize themselves or others. A world for children in which they playfully learn life lessons. For this I started collecting life lessons.

The first theme I’m working on is ‘Dream Big‘. A lesson that is very important to me and which I think is or will be important for many others as well. Actually, there are more lessons hidden in this!

Believe that you can and you will

Listen to your heart

Try to be the best version of yourself

Follow your dream, no matter how scary it seems

Trust your gut feeling

Don’t wait for something to be perfect, it will get better step by step

and more!

In the coming period I will take you along in my process of developing this theme in characters, illustrations and products. Do you like helping me? Mail me your favorite or most important life lessons! You can reply to this email or send me an email to

I’m so excited!



Kayleigh X