Mother’s Day

Kayleigh Katsman, 04 April 2022
sticker moeder en baby gorilla - sticker mother and baby gorilla

Mother’s Day, a day when you as a mother will (hopefully) be spoiled.

Your mother(-in-law) will not be forgotten either. And in this case it can become a busy day. Moreover, if you have a mother like me who occasionally has her birthday on Mother’s Day, then it is quite a planning.

This year my mother’s birthday is the day after Mother’s Day, so we will celebrate them both on 1 day, Monday 9 May. That makes planning for Mother’s Day just that little bit easier for me.

foto mijn moeder en ik - photo my mother and me


Since when do we celebrate Mother’s Day

In the Netherlands we celebrate this day every year on the second Sunday in May since 1925.

Mother’s Day originated in Greece long ago, with the worship of Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods. And in England this day was first celebrated in 1644 without a religious background. In the mid-19th century Anna Jarvis introduced this special day to America.

From there, this day has spread across the Western world in its current form.


What does Mother’s Day mean to you

Is Mother’s Day celebrated at your home and if so, what does such a day look like for you? I am very curious what that day means for you and I would love to receive a message with your story. For example:

– are you a mother yourself and are you put in the spotlight
– are you a mother yourself and do you celebrate this day with your mother(-in-law)
– which gift was the best to give as a child
– which gift you received do you remember best and why
– did you ever make breakfast for your mother as a child and what did it look like
– which breakfast you received do you remember best and why

Click this link to email your story to me.

Next week I will share with you in my blog what I have received (with mentioning first names only).

Ideas for gifts

Lack of time, choice overload, working during the opening hours of shops or simply not knowing what you want to give your mother(-in-law) this year. So relatable!

That is why I have collected some ideas for you. And you can continue looking for a suitable gift in the webshop and the store. Click on the links below for more information.

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