Pop-up store, what an adventure!

Kayleigh Katsman

What preceded opening my pop-up store Pop-up store, what an adventure! One I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. How did that idea actually come about? For about two years now, my mother and I had […]

Kayleigh Katsman

What am I working on at the moment

What am I working on at the moment colorkay

What am I working on at the moment Storytelling What am I working on at the moment? I want to do more than make beautiful drawings (illustrations! I quietly correct everyone in my head when […]

sticker moeder en baby gorilla - sticker mother and baby gorilla

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Kayleigh Katsman

Mother’s Day, a day when you as a mother will (hopefully) be spoiled. Your mother(-in-law) will not be forgotten either. And in this case it can become a busy day. Moreover, if you have a […]

ansichtkaarten overzicht

Postcards then and now

Postcards then and now colorkay

Postcards then and now. A while ago everyone thought they would disappear. Because we have the internet with all the possibilities to send each other messages and digital cards via computer and telephone. That is […]

muursticker giraf - wall sticker giraffe

Nursery room with theme

Nursery room with theme Kayleigh Katsman

A nursery room with theme has a lot to offer. It makes the room for your child unique, personal, warm and safe. When I look ahead and think about how I would like to furnish […]

New ideas!

Kayleigh Katsman

New year, new ideas! I’m so glad with what we have accomplished so far. It’s so great to read all your reactions! I have had the feeling that something is missing for a while. I […]

In the newspaper!


What a special attention this week! Today I was in the newspaper with my story. A WHOLE page! I could not have dreamed about it. I’m so grateful for the local newspaper to share my […]

So exciting!

The launch of the new website Kayleigh Katsman

I’ve you see this blogpost, that means that I did it! We’re live! I’m finally here! Today, Friday 19 November will be the day that we’ll go live with the new webshop! I’ve been working […]

Why ColorKay?

Why ColorKay?

ColorKay is a personal name for me and has a ‘pun intended’ which probably comes across as a bit nerd-ish, haha. People close to me often call me Kay. ColorKay is a place for me to be open about myself and my creations, that’s why I wanted to have ‘Kay’ in the name to create that personal connection with people and followers. ‘Colorkey’ is a term in the animation industry to create an overview of which colors will be used in the film. Color is very important to me, so I thought that the combination of colorkey and Kay in ColorKay suited me very well.